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Colorful Macarons

Monthly Macaron Club

Delivery or Pick Up

Delivery or pick up on the first Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of each month. Cookeville area only. Delivery date will depend on your location in Cookeville.

Holiday Macarons

On months when there are up charged specialty macarons (Christmas, Valentines, Day, and Easter), you will still get your macarons at your membership rate of $19.99. (Delivery/ pick up date will vary) Usually Holiday macarons are $28-$30 per dozen!

Discounted Rate

Three membership plans:

3 month @ $22.99/ dozen per month

6 month @ $20.99/ dozen per month

12 month @ $18.99/ dozen per month

New Flavors

When we release new flavors, you will always have access to the new stuff!

Gift Idea

Perfect gift idea for any macaron lover. Send your friend, family member, or even yourself an edible box of love each month! 

Additional Questions?

Have more questions on how this Monthly Macaron Club works? Go to the box below for a more in depth information sheet!

Sign me up!

Please go to the link below to get set up for your monthly macarons subscription. 

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